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Since 2001, I have been working with, and advocating for, at-risk youth, families, and couples, in a variety of environments: foster care programs, King County Crisis Team, transitional housing programs, chemical dependency care, in home loss and grief programs and private practice. I earned my Masters in Couple, Child and Family Therapy from Antioch University and a Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University in Psychology and Sociology. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I'm also a Mental Health Professional and a Child Mental Health Specialist, in the state of Washington.

I began my career working with at-risk youth struggling with drug and alcohol issues on an inpatient and outpatient basis. I have continued my work with youth and their families struggling with a multitude of issues. In my experience working with youth and families, I have learned how to effectively communicate and engage them on a variety of consequential topics, such as substance abuse, relational issues, GLBTQ issues, domestic violence, abuse, mental health issues and life and education goals.

In all of my counseling positions I have worked with diverse populations, including homeless and low income families. With my experience and education I have been able to hone my skills to create what I believe to be a positive, caring atmosphere necessary for the growth and change that can occur in a therapy session.

I have studied many counseling theories. My approach is primarily theoretical orientation, drawing from Solution Focused, Systems theory, Client-Centered, and a Humanistic viewpoint. I believe we are all inherently good. This is what I believe drives my work as I interact with my clients. Focusing solely on the identified problem or issue can be self-defeating; assessing the issue and moving the train of thought towards a solution is always a goal in therapy. Change occurs when people can see their own importance and goodness.

In therapy, I am unconditionally supporting clients on this journey. Once a client can feel good about themselves, their own life perspective can change and this can lead to further development of one’s self. As a therapist, one of our jobs is to challenge the negative viewpoints a client has about him or herself and to encourage a more open and positive perspective to come through.


* Contractor with Survivor Outreach Services US Army
Support Coordinator (2009-12)

* National Nonprofit Crisis Outreach program (2005-09)
Family Advocate/Child and Family Therapist

* Community Based Counseling Organization (2008-09)
Youth and Family Counselor

* Nonprofit Family Services (2002-05)
Family Support Specialist

* Local Drug and Alcohol Programs (2001-02)
Mental Health Specialist