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Clinical and Practical

It is my belief that people have within themselves both the drive toward, and the internal resources necessary, for growth. My role as counselor is to support you as you examine and adjust the aspects of your life that seem to be blocking your personal growth, your ability to solve problems skillfully, and your feelings of well-being. It is my belief that therapy is an active conversation between two or more people. Effective therapy also requires that we actively work as a team to foster positive growth and change. We will often discuss personal experiences and relationships in your life that affect you currently and have affected you in your past. This process may raise some challenging emotions and feelings but, with your continued commitment to the process of therapy, you will gain the necessary skills to work through them. As a result, you will create a more positive you. Responsibility and commitment to the counseling process is a shared process. It is my responsibility to be emotionally present, to be honest and to hold you with unconditional positive regard.

My primary commitment is to you, and believing that your well-being is essential to all humanity.

• You have the right to control your own therapy and make the decisions that affect your life.

• You have the right to ask questions at any time you do not understand what is taking place in the session.

• You have the right to end or take a break from counseling at any time, though it is best for us to discuss this should you make that choice.

As your therapist together we would address concerns such as: parenting struggles, adolescence, partnerships, compulsions, self-harm or suicidal thoughts, body image, spiritual practices, anxiety, depression, grief, internalized oppressions and the day to day hurts which trigger old wounds. As the client, you will direct our time together. You will control the journey and let me know where the final destination needs to be to reach your full potential. I will guide your journey with introspection and trust in yourself.

Every therapist has his or her own unique philosophy of what therapy entails. Every person has struggled at one time or another with a relationship and/or pain, what I like to refer to as “hurts”. These “emotional wounds” have a daily impact on our interactions with other human beings and ourselves, whether or not we recognize their effect. Humans do not become who they are without outside influences. Exploring where certain messages were received and integrated into our personality can be helpful to each person. Our culture, family of origin, and rigid social messages shape our personal world. Having an understanding of this can open a client’s mind and heart to experience changes. Contradicting the hurtful early messages and experiences creates an environment for change, and helps the client on their self-awareness journey. These early messages and events can block a person’s ability to think and process current events. Gaining an understanding of this gives people an opening to understand the actual situation and react in accordance with this information. Helping clients step out of their old way of reacting gives a new perspective that enhances change. Looking at the uniqueness of clients and continuously strategizing how to move them from point A to point B is the therapists’ job. This constant reassessment of where a client currently is in their life will help the client progress at a pace that makes sense for them.